Software Assurance, LLC is a software testing centric organization that is committed to deliver high quality solutions.

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We at Software Assurance are dedicated to developing and delivering high quality software testing solutions.

We have held the trust of the top finance and technology companies in the market when it comes to verifying and validating the operational health of their existing software systems. As such, we offer our clients independent testing services including testing for functionality, usability, compatibility and performance, as well as API testing and test automation solutions. We have extensive exposure to the range of testing tools available in the markets which covers both paid and open source, some of these are QTP, Selenium, Loadrunner, Jmeter, SOAP UI, Appium etc.

Our previous clients over the past 9 years included banking and financing entities, small and medium enterprises, startup companies and software development companies. We can create a risk-free POC and give you access to our expertise. Let us handle your software quality assurance concerns while you concentrate on your business’ key strategic initiatives.

We can assure you of the following:

  • Testing technology – We leverage many testing strategies to optimize effort and produce better results.
  • Flexible sourcing – We provide flexible strategic QA outsourcing business models to suit your business needs.
  • Cost effective solutions - Operational cost reduction in delivery and maintenance through early detection of defects and reduce instances of recoding.

With us on your side, you can be sure that your software systems continue to meet your needs and deliver excellent performance.

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specialized testing services

Why Us?

Here are great reasons why you should pick us for your software quality assurance needs:

  • We work with you to understand your business vision to make sure our work is consistent and is in line with your business goals and strategies.
  • Our expertise in software quality assurance will help you reduce risk and expenditures while improving actual performance and compliance with your requirements.
  • We ensure reduced post production defects by 35%, minimize the failure on testing caused by unavailable data by 50% and 15% improvement on the overall project’s performance.
User Experience Testing

Challenges You May Face

  • Very high transaction rates and volumes with low latency. Testing tools must be able to handle sophisticated transaction loads and have fine-grained performance measurement capabilities.
  • Data sets with large input volume and often with complex relationships that must be managed.
  • Increasing complexity in mobile and web technologies, including asynchronous JavaScript and encryption.
  • Highly secure and constrained testing environments.
  • The diversity of technologies employed with the systems, like multiple middle-ware and back-end programs that are working in tandem with legacy technology wrappers. These could also include various client-side technologies such as web, mobile, green screen technologies and a mixture of stand and bespoke technology.
Card Processing testing

Our Team

Software Assurance’s global team is made up of the Industry’s best and brightest QA Engineers and technology consultants. Our team members have diverse experiences, from niche testing and to the latest technologies.

Our team members share a passion for pushing the limits of the technology frontier, and all have an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation. That is why we can deliver world class tested products for our clients like you.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create consistent value in our services for our customers and partners, helping them to maximize stakeholder value and to increase long term earnings. We aim to achieve this through integrity, transparency and developing a consciousness for the well-being of our clients and the members of our team.

Mission Statement

We are a market-focused, testing process-centered organization that is dedicated to delivering quality assurance solutions to banking and finance companies. We aim to consistently outperform our peers, and to produce predictable results as well as provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees with each project we undertake.

Our Testing Solutions


Loan & Lease Management

We are the fastest growing specialist in providing loan and lease management software to companies in the United States. Our success is due to our improved organizational structure and our various modules for making automation of our operational process possible.

We are proud of our solutions for streamlining transactions between brokers, vendors, and alternative sources of funds. We conduct comprehensive testing before commencing the transaction and after the process to ensure accuracy for our valued clients.

Loan & Lease

Key Services

We run comprehensive tests on both ends of the process to ensure complete integration of the software into the loan and lease management processes of our clients. We also ensure quick turnaround time for the integration of new systems into our clients’ existing system or for any other changes into the system.

We provide testing facilities for front-end testing as well as for the origin of the loan, the management of credit and the extension to the back office.

Our software solutions are designed to be flexible and be able to run operations smoothly, and ensure fast, secure and easy financial transactions through the applications.


Domain expertise: Our team has extensive experience in Loan management, and they are trained with different aspects of loan management right from front-end to back-end. Our Testing Engineers/QA Professionals has experienced in loan management software like Corecard and Nortridge Loan Management (NLS).

Best Practice Testing tools and processes: The testing experience is extensive and utilizes some of the best tools for ensuring software quality assurance.

Flexible, comprehensive, end-to-end Testing capabilities: There are hosts of testing options that include consulting, functional testing, test automation, management as well as specialized services like simulation modelling and testing performance.

Our Achievements

  • Our clients have observed a 99% reduction in their operational risks, while performance was noted to have improved by 67%. They also achieved streamlined compliance, reduced expenditures and improved security in transactions due to the elimination of bugs and defects in the software.
  • We also increased the coverage of test cases by 30%, and reduced the defects found by customers by around 5%. We even reduced the document overhead costs as well as optimization by 20%, and a faster ROI in marketing.
  • The stakeholders benefited immensely thanks to the innovative thinking of Software Assurance’s staff. They also gained from risk mitigation and subsequent high-level executive decision making.

Risk Management

We had a client who was listed as one of Forbes’ 100 most promising companies in America. Indeed, our client’s growth was exponential. It became one of the leaders in the loan processing market.

The client had an issue with their quality assurance at the discrete module level and required us to provide them with an end to end testing solution to address the problem. One of the most crucial modules of the system was written to automate the process of underwriting. This particular task involves critical risk underwriting and mitigation and is an important mechanism that in the loan business. Underwriting helps in the decision making process, as it helps determine the loan amount that can be extended to a particular customer. Underwriting even helps the client reject or stop the disbursal of loans to fraudulent loan applicants.

Risk Management

Solutions Provided by Software Assurance

Software Assurance had to undertake risk management testing for the risk underwriting and mitigation system, including the integration of Provenir into the loan management system. These modules were first integrated using the Biztalk MSMQ server, and then the verification of the incoming as well as the outgoing XML’s was carried out to ensure that data communication between various modules was perfect.

There were set rules for underwriting that were implanted and on the basis of these rules in the system Provenir assigned credit scores to users. The domain expert team of Software Assurance was able to provide hundreds test scenarios to verify that these rules are applied seamlessly to the system.

In the span of 9 years, Software Assurance has taken over various tasks such as functional testing, regression testing, production testing, as well as automation testing of various business loan products. Our Regression approach, which we called Smart Regression, was able to help clients’ reduce costs in the quality assurance process.

Our Achievements

  • Decreased the total QA expenses by 40%
  • The schedule adherence was clocked at 100%
  • The application was covered 95% by the testing solutions
  • The defect removal was found to be efficient by more than 95%

Card Processor Integration

Software Assurance LLC was asked to test a hybrid debit card which offered several rewards programs by a well-known and innovative client who already launched several financial produces in the United States.


As the client viewed the card processing testing to be the most critical module in this system, it contacted Software Assurance to undertake the testing. For this project, we used the GalileoTM services to undertake payment collection data, authorization and authentication as well as settlement of funds.

Card Processor Integration

Solutions Provided by Software Assurance

Software Assurance faced a challenge in this project when we found that there were no complete BRD’s and documentation on the quality of the product being tested.

In order to get around this obstacle, Software Assurance provided the client expert assistance in BRD development and the creation of business flow charts and diagrams. As a result, the testing process became more efficient and sustainable. Hundreds of test cases were created to ensure that the product had maximum coverage. The regression approach adopted by Software Assurance decreased the length of the testing period and even enhanced the coverage for the back end system that was being used by the specific application.

Our Achievements

  • Software Assurance managed to deliver product testing results for this client exactly on time. We also achieved increase efficiency in our own workflows.
  • In addition, Software Assurance established an efficient methodology for knowledge management, allowing the client to save time on training the users of the system.
  • The team members were made to undergo comprehensive training programs so that they could understand the business model completely.
  • The client was also provided a monthly metrics dashboard as well as enhanced status reporting so that they could oversee

Payroll Provider Integration

The client is well known US based that specialized in various forms of payday loan products to its customers.


The client contacted Software Assurance to test a new loan product that approached origination differently from traditional loan products. This product required integration of the Loan Management System to a Payroll Provider Services like HRP, EVO, among others. As this approach was new, we faced many challenges in the architecture and work flows.

Payroll Integration

Solutions Provided by Software Assurance

We took advantage of our expertise in this project and provided the client with expert assistance starting from the implementation of the project to the testing phase. In addition, we provided expert assistance in helping the client building test harness to assist team members in performing execution.

To ensure full integration, Software Assurance created individual test cases for each Payroll provider. We also carried out tests to verify normalization of data between the Payroll Provider and the Loan Management System.

Our Achievements

  • We made possible many improvements in the quality of our service, achieving near-zero defects upon delivery of the product. Over 99% of the defects in the system were detected before the system went live. Improved quality of software also ensured higher customer satisfaction.
  • Our processes also allowed the client to lower testing costs by 45%, and the economies of scale also led to reduced incremental unit costs. We were able to provide 40% more coverage to the client as well.

Online Payment

This client is also one of Forbes’ 100 most promising online payment companies in the United States. The client called us to undertake testing of a new eCommerce product that involved extensive online payments integration. They wanted us to make sure thorough extensive testing so that there are no software issues during and after the product’s launch.


Our role in the project required Software Assurance to run finance domain testing on the eCommerce product. We also undertook testing for various payment methods including credit cards, which were the preferred mode by users when using the client’s products.

Online Payment

Solutions Provided by Software Assurance

We undertook extensive finance domain testing using the USA E-Pay gateway. We developed and created a wide range of possible scenarios to test if the new product is facilitating payments and other transactions correctly. We were able to recommend enhancements to the product, as well as improve the efficiency of the entire payment process.

Our Achievements

  • Software Assurance was able to ensure 0% bugs and defects through the extensive testing both before and during the implementation of the software. The system has gone live for more than a year already and no problems have been detected.
  • As always, Software Assurance kept to the schedule of the testing and provided regular updates and feedbacks to keep the client up to date on the progress of our testing.
  • Solutions provided required innovative and out of the box thinking which addressed all the concerns of the client company and launching the product in the market with great success.

Our Testing Services


Mobile Testing


The finance industry makes extensive use of sophisticated IT systems, including services that are carried out through the Internet. These days, more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet and use these devices to carry out mobile banking. This necessitates creation of mobile applications for the finance industry, and these also need our testing expertise.

Advantages with Software Assurance

  • We have a proven ability to set up offshore and onshore mobile testing labs with devices, cloud, tools and infrastructure.
  • We have the best practices developed from our extensive experience in mobile banking testing for various clients based in many countries worldwide.
  • We retain the service of an in-house mobile testing experts with extensive experience of testing various mobile applications.
  • We have a dedicated team for testing Mobile Apps by using open source and third party tools like Appium framework.

Data Protection in WiFi

Services we provide

Our testing services include support for the following:

  • Mobile Platforms (Apple iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Mobile Devices (iPhone, iPAD, Android smartphone and tablets, Amazon Kindle, etc.)
  • Mobile Applications (Native, Hybrid, Web, Responsive)

We provide comprehensive Mobile Testing services that include the following:

  • Automation testing
  • Performance (load & stress) testing
  • Security testing
  • Functional and non-functional testing

Functional Testing


The various customers that use financial applications are very particular about any software that they use. If these users find bugs and errors after a product launch, they will move to a competitor’s product instead. This will negatively affect sales of the product and could also negatively affect the reputation of the provider. That’s why usability testing should always be given topmost priority in the development of any software product.

The Approach

Financial services firms and banks run their businesses on reliable, round-the-clock availability of computers, information systems and end-customer data. The global nature of financial services have made systems more distributed and complex, thereby increasing the need for proactive quality and testing services from industry experts and independent third parties. Testing the applications for risks is extremely essential to diminish future business losses in financial services. Hence, QA services are instrumental in risk management and service plans, and should be retained before the applications are deemed to be market ready.

Solutions Provided by Software Assurance

Software Assurance has in-depth financial applications testing capabilities in a multitude of financial systems environments, including:

  • Quality Assurance of tailored applications for payment initiation and processing, payroll provider integration, online multichannel transactions, mobile banking, and settlement operations.
  • Verification of custom and third-party solutions for pricing, risk (Nortridge Loan System) and confirmation.
  • Testing Services for technology upgrades, migration, and reengineering.
  • In depth testing experience of compliances like FACTA and OFAC.
Functional Testing in dallas

Usability Testing


The various customers that use financial applications are very particular about any software that they use. If these users find bugs and errors after a product launch, they will move to a competitor’s product instead. This will negatively affect sales of the product and could also negatively affect the reputation of the provider. That’s why usability testing should always be given topmost priority in the development of any software product.

The Approach

Our Usability Testing services analyze various aspects of any software product’s usability. These aspects include but are not limited to the following:

  • How much time is required for the user or the system to complete the basic flow?
  • Does it take very long for the people to understand the functioning of the system and do they make a lot of mistakes when carrying out any process or task using the system?
  • How soon do users familiarize themselves with the system?
  • Can they operate the system’s functions by heart or do they frequently need to refer to the manual?
  • Last but most important: What is the general feeling among users when they are operating the system?
Usability Testing in dallas

The Benefits

  • Finance domain testing of the product led to the software being easy to use. Users learn how to use the program quickly, and the time needed to do tasks and other functions using the software. The improved usability also led to user satisfaction.
  • Web usability benefits included higher sales of the product, greater traffic and better usage of features as well as increased customer productivity. Due to the user experience testing, the customers who logged in to the website had a better viewing and operating experience. This resulted to higher traffic and better revenue generation for the client.
  • The developer companies who opted for the financial application usability testing gained in more ways than one as Software Assurance LLC provide extensive testing services ensuring the quality of the software and increasing the client’s savings in customer support and training.

Test Automation


Applications that are used for rendering financial services are actually composed of several interconnected modules that exchange information across various server and client platforms. These applications are large in size and very complex. It is mandatory to have an expert for providing test automation services to ensure the quality of these financial programs.


Some common challenges faced by applications:

  • Sudden releases & common functional changes during finance domain testing.
  • Customer dependent changes or customizations.
  • Large sets of Modules along with multiple Business flows.
  • Each Module had multiple Screens and there were too many controls in each screen.
  • Many CRs led to Functional changes based on the Customer requirements.
  • There was large regression suite with minimal timelines.
  • Absence of Automation framework or an automated regression suite that would meet the release plans.
test automation for smart devices

Solutions Provided by Software Assurance

  • We carry out cost and benefit analysis for using test automation to ensure that the actual automation can bring benefits to the client.
  • We perform feasibility study and utilize Test Complete as the best tool which is cost effective, supports latest technologies and provides good customer support.
  • We utilize a reusable SAS (SPA Automation Solution) automation framework which is robust and does not require extensive maintenance.
  • Our solution supports independent test scripts development and even test automation for smart devices.
  • Our solution comes with the advantage of running the scripts individually or in a batch so it can be run according to the client specifications without any problems.
  • The customized test results along with the automation test log are provided to the client for their feedback, to ensure that the testing services run on the product were sound.
  • We also provide training on the automation tool and on the usage of the framework so that, after completion of the project, the staff present on-site could operate the financial modules without requiring extensive training.

Performance Testing


Financial applications are crucial all over the world, as more and more companies are going digital and now require software for their important financial transactions. Trading is done on an everyday basis, that’s why it is even more important to ensure that the application environments are well prepared for extreme situations and will not crash when facing large volumes of trading. The applications that are left without preparation are the ones that are susceptible to power outages, customer resentment and even losses when it comes to trading.

Software Assurance was assigned the project of running banking domain testing for the client to ensure that there were no bugs or glitches when the financial applications were run.

Solutions Provided by Software Assurance

  • We analysed the software performance testing on devices to enhance the return on investment.
  • The end to end testing solutions included web testing of the performance, mobile and data warehouse applications and SOA as well as various web services. We also carried out extensive testing for these services.
  • We provided special finance domain testing services for technical areas such as SAP, IVP, ORACLE EBS.
  • We carried out tests using Load Runner and Jmeter.
Performance Testing in dallas

The Benefits

  • Automation of monitoring process and reporting of daily activities to the client in order to make sure that they were kept updated regarding the status of the project.
  • Enhanced productivity, because the applications were devoid of any kind of bugs.
  • Decreased defect costs since the application is being tested for reliability as well as any bugs that may be present.
  • Faster time-to-market ratio.
  • Decreased down-time leading and improved customer satisfaction.

API Testing

All financial applications are dependent on different software systems to complete business flow and the purpose is solved by API (Application Program Interface). API enables communication between two separate software systems, and contains crucial functions/sub-routines which can be executed by another software system.


  • No GUI available to test the application. This makes inputting values difficult for testers.
  • Verifying and validating the output in more than one system is difficult
  • Parameters selection and categorization needs to be known
  • Exception handling function needs to be utilized and used properly
  • Testers should be knowledgeable in coding
API Testing in dallas

Solutions Provided by Software Assurance

Software Assurance’s process begins with a detailed review of your API specification in order to create an effective and plausible set of test cases. We then develop test cases and note the expected results from your side. We then execute the test cases, isolating and reporting the problems that are discovered in the process.

Software Assurance’s solution of API automation services have been tested and proven with Junit, SoapUI etc. We have a dedicated team with extensive experience in API testing for both web and mobile solutions.

News & Events

Software Assurance, LLC Featured in SiliconIndia Top 100 Tech Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in USA

In continuation to the recent achievements, Software Assurance, LLC has been featured in SiliconIndia’s Si100 2014, an annual list of top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians in the United States...

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Software Assurance, LLC Launches "Mobile Device Security App"

The mobile industry has shown tremendous growth in recent years and, with ever changing usage patterns of mobile devices, the customer base of mobile app is increased exponentially. However, along with this development, Security vulnerabilities, increasing...

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Software Assurance, LLC Featured in SiliconIndia Top 100 Tech Companies founded by Indians in USA

In continuation to the recent achievements, Software Assurance, LLC has been featured in SiliconIndia’s Si100 2014, an annual list of top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians in the United States.

SiliconIndia, a leading technology magazine publishes this list on annual basis which recognizes the significant role and presence of Indian entrepreneurship in technology space across USA. Moreover, the list is also signifies the success and influences of these featured companies impacting the international technology marketplace. This list is finalized by a distinguished panel comprising of accomplished IT industry experts, advisors and SiliconIndia editorial board.

Software Assurance, LLC has shown tremendous growth over the years and, has established itself as leading technology solutions provider in Dallas-Fort Worth area. Getting featured in Si100, reflects company’s sustainable growth, technological depth & adaption, business focus, customer value creation, robust infrastructure, customer service, ability to participate in economic growth, etc.

While commenting on the achievement, Ram Garg (Founder and CEO - Software Assurance, LLC) said, “It is one of many milestones company achieved this year. We are very excited and honored to be part of the prestigious list of Si100. This acknowledgement reflects our sustainable growth, presence and commitment towards our customers to provide them value-driven IT solutions. This is a great motivational factor to all of us in the company and, will help us establish ourselves as a trusted advisors among our customers while understanding not only their current needs but also their emerging business needs.

Published article is available at SiliconIndia website.

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Mobile Security App

Software Assurance, LLC Launches "Mobile App Testing Microsite” Dallas, July 11th, 2014

The mobile industry has shown tremendous growth in recent years and, with ever changing usage patterns of mobile devices, the customer base of mobile app is increased exponentially. However, along with this development, Security vulnerabilities, increasing number of mobile malwares have become the critical challenge for both enterprises and end users.

Considering the fact, we at Software Assurance, LLC realized the urgent need of protecting mobile user’s valuable information. Therefore, in order to address the need, company has developed a Mobile Security App which is now launched and available for Android devices. The launch of this mobile app is aligned with company’s objective to provide technology solutions to address the security challenges faced by mobile users.

The app comes up with variety of features which help users to protect their mobile devices from potential security threats. Centralized Dashboard contains all major security settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Hotspot, GPS, SD Card Encryption at one place which help users to change required security settings from dashboard itself. Security Alerts/Notifications is another useful feature of the app that highlights potential security threats specific to the security settings. One of the core objective of app is to make mobile users to understand the significance of less common security settings and, encourage them to take advantage of those settings to protect their mobiles for future security threats.

While launching the App, Ram Garg (Founder and CEO of Software Assurance, LLC) said, “this is the breakthrough success for the company and, we are very excited to launch this app. Security has emerged as a biggest challenge for mobile users and, this app will help users to take required precautionary measures to protect their mobile from potential security threats. We hope, users will get the best out of the app.”

The app is currently developed for Android devices and has been launched with first version. Company is in the process to add more enhanced features to this app and will come up with next version soon.

App is completely FREE to use and can be downloaded from Google Play Store

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Software Assurance, LLC Featured in Top 100 Tech Companies Founded by Indians in USA

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